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【Depachika Sweets 1】
〈Ito Kuemon Matcha〉
Matcha Sweets Assortment Aya Aya
( Warabi Mochi Pudding Monaka Candy )

In the late Edo period, during the 3rd year of Tenpo, the first Ito Tsuneemon and Takizo ventured into the tea business in Tawara Village (now Ujitawara Town South). Subsequently, the second generation, Ito Tsuneemon and Kusaburō, the third generation, Ito Tsuneemon and Yumatsu, and the fourth generation, Ito Takichi, continued the legacy. In 1952, the fifth generation, Kyuzo Ito, relocated from Ujitawara to Uji, establishing a Uji tea store in Uji Renka (now Byodoin Omotesando).

Product Contents:

  • [Ring Candy] 15 tablets
  • [Matcha Pudding] 80g×2 pieces
  • [Tea Butterflies]
  • [Matcha Warabi Mochi] 70g×2 pieces
  • [Matcha Honey] 5g×2 bags
  • [Matcha Kinako] 3g×2 bags
  • [Matcha Monaka] 4 pieces

Product Descriptions:

1. Uji Matcha Warabi Mochi:
Warabi mochi with a distinctive matcha flavor from a tea house. Emphasis on a balanced mix of bitterness, bracken powder, Kurosu kinako, and nectar, creating a delicious harmony. Attention to achieving a chewy, thick, and soft texture for the warabi mochi itself.

2. Uji Matcha Monaka:
Bittersweet rice cakes blended with stone-ground Uji matcha and fragrant cooked bean paste sandwiched between light and aromatic middle crusts. Perfect balance between chewy mochi, the bittersweetness of matcha, and less sweet bean paste. The middle skin and matcha mochi are made from domestic glutinous rice, and the bean paste is crafted from Hokkaido red beans.

3. Uji Matcha Pudding:
Original matcha pudding featuring luxurious stone-ground Uji matcha, a source of pride for Ito Kuemon. Abundant use of eggs and milk after rigorous testing results in a smooth texture and a rich matcha flavor. Enjoy the selected ingredients' richness from a Kyoto tea house.

4. Uji Matcha Candy with Bending Ring:
A popular Uji matcha candy souvenir with a long history. Powdered Uji matcha is kneaded into high-quality Uji matcha candy, delivering a taste of rich matcha and an original bittersweet adult flavor.

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【Depachika Sweets 2】
〈Kawamotoya gâteau chocolat〉
Rich gâteau chocolat made by an tea maker - Matcha green tea gâteau chocolat

Brand: Kawamotoya

Kawamotoya, headquartered in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa. While continuing to carry on the traditional manufacturing methods of Japanese tea and dried bonito flakes, which are part of Japanese culture, we will continue to try new challenges such as our own brand "Yokohama Isebura Pound" and "Original Health Tea" that focuses on domestic products, valuing Kawamoto-ya's originality.

Sweets Introduction:

The set includes a moist and rich chocolate cake with a mildly sweet, adult flavor, and an authentic matcha green tea cake that is moist, rich, mildly sweet, and adult in flavor, with a mouth feel like raw chocolate! The cakes are handmade one by one in the store without using any preservatives or coloring agents, valuing the taste of the ingredients.

Ingredients: [Chocolate] eggs, unsalted butter, chocolate, granulated sugar, almond pudding, light flour [Matcha] white chocolate, eggs, butter, granulated sugar, matcha (from Uji), light flour, almond pudding, (some contain eggs, milk ingredients, flour)

Content. [3 pieces each] 6 pieces in total:

Contents: Gâteau chocolates [chocolate] x 3pcs

Gâteau chocolates [matcha] x 3pcs

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【Depachika Sweets 3】
Uji Kuzumochi set (77g x 5 pieces) Matcha Kuzumochi Houjicha Kuzumochi

[Kiyosen] brings the charm of green tea to everyone across the country. This is a tea house in Ujitawara-cho, Kyoto that was founded with the aim of getting people to know about it. Uji tea carefully selected by tea examination technicians and Japanese tea instructors. We deliver matcha and hojicha sweets from Ujitawara Town, the birthplace of green tea.

Description of the Product:

KIYOSEN's Kuzumochi set includes Uji green tea and hojicha (roasted green tea) kuzumochi. This kuzumochi set has a firm texture and a rich, refreshing flavor. We have devised a manufacturing process that brings out the smooth and moderately elastic texture that is the charm of Kuzumochi while bringing out the flavors of matcha and hojicha green tea.

Our Uji matcha is made using only the first-grade matcha
ground on a stone mortar in Kyoto Prefecture. Grinding matcha with a millstone is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. However, the careful manual grinding of matcha allows the taste, aroma, color, and foam to be enjoyed by all five senses, a characteristic that only a millstone grinder can offer.
Unlike regular hojicha, stem hojicha is made by roasting the stems of the first tea leaves using a unique roasting method called "sand roasting". Characteristically, it has a sweeter taste than regular hojicha and a unique savory flavor that brings out the unique flavor of the stems.


Matcha kuzumochi: Sugar (manufactured in Japan), reduced syrup, matcha, kudzu starch, agar agar/gelator (polysaccharide thickening agent, processed starch), processed starch, polysaccharide thickening agent

Hojicha Kuzumochi: Sugar (manufactured in Japan), reduced syrup, hojicha, kudzu starch, agar/gelator (polysaccharide thickening agent, processed starch)

Product Details:
Contents: 5
Shelf life: About 120 days
Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity

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