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What is the Depachika?

The basement floors of Japanese luxury department stores are used as food sections, and generally called "Depachika". The word depachika is a combination of the words "department-store" and "chika" which means basement in Japanese.

The foods sold in Depachika are exclusively the best of the best in Japan. These sweets are acknowledged globally as exceptional delicacies.

We are the leading DEPACHIKA SWEETS Company.

Japan's Finest Flavor

 Depachika Sweets, bringing Japan's finest flavors to you. Our Sweets Sommelier selects three sweets, embodying the pinnacle of luxury. Perfect for gifts or personal indulgence, these gorgeous Depachika Sweets invite you to savor uniquely special moments with every bite. A source of smiles, delivering opulence with each delightful bite, bringing happiness to everyone.

Thoughtfully Selected Ingredients

 Depachika Sweets, known for exquisite taste and artisanal ingredients. Prioritizing safety and quality, these sweets encapsulate the pride and expertise of producers. The manufacturing process undergoes strict control to provide you, the eater, with a sense of security and joy. Standout for the luxuriousness of their ingredients, ensuring a treat you can trust wholeheartedly.

Meticulous Presentation

 Depachika Sweets are characterized by meticulous attention to presentation. From taste and ingredients to shape, color, size, and packaging, we eliminate any compromise. Born from the pride and hard work of our artisans, these sweets are the ultimate in gourmet delights. Prioritizing beauty that captivates the eater and the satisfaction felt from the moment you open the package, Depachika Sweets deliver the ultimate deliciousness for the eyes and taste buds. Ideal for gifting or as a well-deserved personal indulgence, each piece leaves a lasting impression on your heart.

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